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Bright Alternatives Pregnancy Care Center Walk For Life

Bright Alternatives is a non-profit organization based out of Bradford Pennsylvania, and serves many counties in both Pennsylvania and New York.

We exist to empower individuals facing choices regarding pregnancy, by offering accurate educational material on all options available to them, as well as post abortive healing, non-judgmental counseling and continued support, while encouraging moral lifestyles and sexual abstinence.

Bright Alternatives is completely funded by private supporters who through their time and rescourses enable the center to continue serving everyone in need, free from government or special interest group monies.  This is important because it ensures that every single person who seeks the services offered, receives unbiased factual information and support.

Bright Alternatives is not a medical facility.  We do not perform or refer for abortions.  No volunteers or paid staff practices medicine in their capacity at Bright Alternatives.  Only a licensed physician is qualified to diagnose pregnancy.

Bright Alternatives is staffed with competent and caring volunteers and employees who have completed training for crisis counseling.  The counseling you will receive at Bright Alternatives is offered by caring individuals who have a deep commitment to helping and encouraging families.  They may not however have academic degrees or be licensed by the state, and your time here should not substitute for professional counseling if needed.  Our goal at Bright Alternatives is to offer accurate information, emotional and spiritual support, as well as practical help.