Caring & Support

Bright Alternatives offers various ministries designed to meet spiritual, social and physical needs of moms, dads & families.  Please contact our office and get plugged in to these opportunities to grow and develop as a parent.

Peer Counseling

Sometimes the best way to process thoughts, fears, and rationalize emotions is just by talking them out. Some women do not have someone they trust to turn to and that is why we are here. No question is too silly, no emotion too unreasonable, you will be treated with the same respect and care, and offered the same honesty and support as we ourselves would want to be treated with. Our trained counselors will answer your questions with honesty and listen to you, your concerns, and your fears. You can ask us anything we are here for you.

Mom’s Group

It can be a lifeline to make connections with other women who know what you are going through. Knowing you are not alone in your pregnancy or parenting can be encouraging. Our Mom Group offers a place for moms to make those connection and talk about their concerns with out being judged or misunderstood. These are laid back get togethers allowing everyone to forget the worries of the day for a couple hours and have some well-deserved “Mommy Time”. There is a well-researched topic brought to the table for each meeting dealing with parenting, life, or relationships. The status of the group and the meeting time varies depending on demand so please call or message us to find out more.

Men’s Support

The men dealing with unplanned pregnancy or fatherhood for the first time often feel forgotten in the mix of emotions, options, and appointments. Dads are very important in the life of a child. Too often in our society we see fathers who are either absent from the life of their child our are distant from their children. Bright Alternatives is fortunate enough to have access to male volunteers who are trained and available to talk with you and listen to your concerns as a man. If you are, or you know a man how would benefit from talking man to man about all the concerns and issues that come with pregnancy call today to make an appointment.

Post Abortive Healing & Support

Not all pregnancies are carried to term; this is a reality of our world post Roe V. Wade. Many times after an abortion women are left feeling empty, confused, ashamed, or remorseful. It is our mission that no woman suffers in silence or goes unhealed. Post Abortive Stress and Depression is a real thing and we care about you. You will not be judged for past choices or the circumstances leading to them. You will be heard, respected, and cared for. Call today to get more information on how you can begin your journey to freedom and healing.

Material Support

It is our privilege to be able to offer material support to those who have made the choice to parent. We realize that baby items are costly and many times parents struggle to make ends meet. We are able to take some of that stress off of hard working parents by providing (through our earn while you learn program) diapers size NB-5, clothing NB-2T, blankets, toiletries, and miscellaneous items to aid in the care of children Newborn through toddler ages. Availability of items and sizes will vary.

Bright Alternatives is an independent organization and is NOT affiliated with any medical or adoption agencies. The staff of Bright Alternatives is available to give you information on all your options and support through your pregnancy as well as continued support and friendship after. Your local Pregnancy Center is always available and willing to talk with you and listen to your concerns. There is someone available 24/7 at the help line as well you can call 1-800-395-HELP to speak with a caring and trained counselor. If you are outside of the Bright Alternatives serving area the help line will get you connected with a Center that serves your area.