Pregnancy Option Counseling

Scared, overwhelmed, confused…

If you just found out you are pregnant you may be feeling one or all of these emotions. Unplanned pregnancy brings with it emotions that are hard to process, but are nothing to feel bad or ashamed about. Many women have the same response as you are having right now.

Education on your options can equip and empower you to make the choice that is best for you and your long-term health. There are 3 options regarding your pregnancy that are available to you. Allow us to guide you through your options with accurate information and support before you make your choice.

Help is Available

If you would like to speak with a counselor please call

814-368-3388 or 1-800-395-HELP after business hours


Abortion seems quick and easy, but is not a quick “one size fits all” medical procedure. There are different types of procedures used to perform an abortion, and the type used depends on what stage of pregnancy the patient is in at the time of the procedure.

Please follow this link for further information on the types abortion procedures:


Keeping your baby and choosing to parent is a big decision and a life change one. Parenting is equally challenging and rewarding. If you are choosing or considering parenting there is help and support for you. Your local pregnancy center offers education and material support to help empower you in your journey to becoming a parent. All services are free and confidential. Call to make an appointment today 814-368-3388.


Adoption is a wonderful gift that you not only give to a couple that has been longing for a child of their own, or battling with infertility, but it is the greatest gift you can give your child. It is not uncommon for a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to feel like she is unable to provide the care needed for a newborn. Through adoption she has the chance to give that child the life she feels unable to provide. Every year 50,000 American women chose to give the ultimate gift of love to their child. Many of these women once though abortion was their only option.

Bright Alternatives is an independent organization and is NOT affiliated with any medical or adoption agencies. The staff of Bright Alternatives is available to give you information on all your options and support through your pregnancy as well as continued support and friendship after. Your local Pregnancy Center is always available and willing to talk with you and listen to your concerns. There is someone available 24/7 at the help line as well you can call 1-800-395-HELP to speak with a caring and trained counselor. If you are outside of the Bright Alternatives serving area the help line will get you connected with a Center that serves your area.