Are Abortions Safe?

Many people today think that since abortion is legal, it must be safe. We believe that anyone considering abortion should carefully consider the facts and effects not only in the short term (immediately after an abortion) but in the long term (the months and years following an abortion procedure). If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy click here for truthful, unbiased, medical explanations and information regarding the procedure of abortion. If you have further questions or would like to talk to a caring individual today please call 1-800-395-HELP (4357) for 24/7 help or 814-368-3388 locally in Western New York and Northwest PA.

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Bright Alternatives is an independent organization and is NOT affiliated with any medical or adoption agencies. The staff of Bright Alternatives is available to give you information on all your options and support through your pregnancy as well as continued support and friendship after. Your local Pregnancy Center is always available and willing to talk with you and listen to your concerns. There is someone available 24/7 at the help line as well you can call 1-800-395-HELP to speak with a caring and trained counselor. If you are outside of the Bright Alternatives serving area the help line will get you connected with a Center that serves your area.