What if I am Pregnant and Still in School?

This may be a question that you are asking yourself. An unexpected pregnancy is never easy especially for a student. Studies show that 3 in 10 young women will become pregnant at least once before the age of 18. Sadly enough only about 40% of these young ladies go on to complete school.

Can I still go to school? YES!

Typically pregnancy does not hinder a young woman from attending school and earning a diploma. Public schools can not legally expel or deny access to education to any student because of pregnancy. Unless you have strict doctor’s orders to not physically attend traditional school there is no other reason you can not. Talk to your student advisor or counselor if special arrangements need to be made. They are there to help you, as is the school nurse.

Will I be one of those 60% that do not complete school?

No, this is your choice!

In the 21st Century there are very few reasons that would prevent you from receiving your diploma while pregnant or parenting. You are the number one deciding factor as to whether or not you graduate. If you want to finish school there is always a way.

Would there be a reason I could no longer attend school? YES!

It is true that some girls cannot finish school the traditional way by going to a school building and attending classes, due to complications, doctor ordered bed rest or other issues, but there are other options. Many public schools now offer Cyber School, which gives students who are unable to physically attend school the opportunity to earn their diploma through completion of online classes.

Can I go back and get my diploma if I have already dropped out?YES!

If you have been out of school and are unable to return due to your age, GEDs are every bit as valuable to continuing your education. Do not discredit or dismiss the thought of earning a GED because it is not a “real diploma”. It is worth it!

Education is so important. Without a diploma it is very hard to find a good paying job. Although it is difficult to finish school while pregnant or parenting it is most definitely something that can be done, and it will be worth it in the end. Your local Pregnancy Care Center can give you referrals to agencies in your community that can help you get child care while you are in school if you chose to parent. If you chose adoption there are also many agencies that can give you support through your pregnancy and continued support after.



  1. Hi I just wsnted to know about going to school whike being pregnent, im now 6 weeks and have a lot of trouble getting up in the morning and I also have so much aches and other issues. Is there any other way I can complete my junior year. Other then going to day school, its very difficult for me. Thank you

    • Bright Alternatives |

      The first Trimester is often very tiring for women. Your body and hormones are adjusting to being pregnant. I would encourage you to take vitamins prescribed by your OB/GYN. If you have an Academics Counselor in your school talk with them and let them know what is going on. They will be able to help you through these first 3 months (these are usually the most tiring) and hopefully you will be able to stay on track for passing and receiving all your credits for the school year. Each school district is different and some offer alternative education opportunities. I strongly encourage you to talk with someone at your school that you can trust and find out what your options are for continuing your education while pregnant. I applaud you for your drive to complete this year of school as well. Completely school while pregnant is not easy but it is not impossible and if you talk with your school counselor they will help you along the way. And if you are choosing to parent your baby graduating high school will be something you can be proud of and know you are doing the very best for you and your baby. If you are thinking about adoption we also have information we can share with you on that subject. Thank you for visiting our site we are here for you if you have any further questions or needs for support.

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  2. Hey, my boyfriend wants to have a kid but im 16 and I don’t want it to interfere with graduating. He doesn’t understand what it will be like. How it changes your life at this age.

    • Bright Alternatives |

      I am sorry your question was missed.

      Planning to have a child is a big decision and is not one to be made lightly. We think you are wise for wanting to wait and for giving your boyfriend sound reasons why now is not a time for you to be trying to conceive a child. If you are not already pregnant we would strongly encourage you to stand firm on your choice to wait. Beyond conceiving a child being sexually active also brings the potential to contract a sexually transmitted virus or infection. Abstaining from sexual activity before marriage has more benefits than preventing pregnancy and avoiding STI/STDs. It also helps you stay focused on school, building healthy relationships, and reaching your goals. If you have been sexually active please be sure to visit your OB/GYN and make sure you are healthy.

      If you are pregnant there are many programs that can help you through your pregnancy. Make sure you are getting prenatal care because your health is important.

  3. I am a jr in high school with only a few credits under being able to graduate such as English 4 another math and economics is there any way I can finish at home during the summer before my son gets here

    • Bright Alternatives |

      We are sorry your question was missed.
      We hope you had a healthy pregnancy and that you were able to work with the staff and teachers at your school to achieve your goal of graduation. Many school districts have online cyber school options so even if you haven’t completed school maybe this is something you can look into now. It is never too late to make positive changes or get more education.

  4. Hi I’m 18 dropped out of high school and now going back but I’m pregnant and I will be giving birth on the month I graduate how would that work out? Will I still be able to graduate?

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Many young women do walk the stage for graduation or receive their diplomas after completing all the high school requirements. Every school district is different in their guidelines and policies, we would strongly encourage you to talk to your Student Counselor and make a plan to ensure you can complete your required credits for graduation while working toward keeping you and your growing baby healthy during your pregnancy. We find that teachers and staff are usually very supportive and want to help students strive toward success. Together with your counselors and trusted teachers you can set a goal of graduation and meet it!

  5. hi..well, me and my boyfriend have been actually planning on making a baby in November of this year. so will be born after I graduate…the thing is, I messed up my jr year and I’m still barely a junior, but will be in a program that’ll get my credits back and I feel like maybe I can graduate. I think it’ll be nice to be in my cap and gown with a baby belly <3 but I'm scared that my parents are gonna make me drop out ans I'm scared that I won't even have the credits to graduate by next year..but I do want this baby and I'll do anything I can to support it. me and my boyfriend

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Hi. There are a few things I would encourage you to think about before you try to conceive a child with your boyfriend. How long have you been in this relationship? What are your long term goals together and individually? Would you be in a better position to parent after graduation? You see while sex and procreation are beautiful and a great expression of love, there are times in life where it is better suited. If you have not yet conceived I would encourage you to wait. Planning a family is a wonderful thing but it is much easier when you have more stable plans in place. Supporting your family is a very responsible thing to do but you will have trouble supporting a child and a boyfriend while raising that child. You need to be sure you both are responsible and stable before planning to start a family. Focus on graduation and then getting financially stable. You have plenty of time to start a family. Enjoy high school while you are there.

      If you are pregnant please be sure you are visiting your doctor regularly and getting the care and rest you need.

  6. Hi I’m 17 years old and my parents keep trying to make me do home schooling but I don’t think it’s right for me I rather go back to my school and continue there while I’m still pregnant.. I really don’t know what to do..

    • Bright Alternatives |

      We apologize we did not get notification of your message. Teen pregnancy and school can be hard to navigate. I am sure your parents are only thinking of your best interests. I would encourage you to make a list of the reasons you would like to continue traditional schooling as long as possible. Approach them in a mature and respectful manner and share your wishes with them. Even if it does not work out for you to continue traditional school I strongly encourage you to continue schooling via home or cyber. You will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing you completed your schooling and earned your diploma. Best wishes to you.

  7. I’m 19 years old, and I am schooling. Is it okay?

    • Bright Alternatives |

      I am not sure I completely understand your question. Schooling is always a good thing. Furthering your education at any age or stage of life is a wonderful thing. Best wishes to you.

  8. Hey I am a freshman , I’m 16 and my girlfriend is probably having a kid , not really sure but it’s most likely. And so I need advice on how can I as a guy help her and help myself to finish high school, me and her plan to have a good life , and I want to finish school as much as she do .

    • Bright Alternatives |

      The first and most important thing to do is get the pregnancy confirmed. If you believe she may be pregnant it is important to get to an OB/GYN and keep mom healthy. Pregnancy requires extra rest and nutrition so getting guidance from a doctor is important. Then, if it is confirmed that she is expecting you both need to talk to your families. Teen pregnancy is not an easy thing and you will need the support of your family. If you plan to parent and are not making an adoption plan for your baby, I would strongly suggest you get plugged into pregnancy and parenting education classes. There are many resources available for this. If there is not a Pregnancy Resource Center near you, local Family Center and different outreaches may provide education and support. It is wonderful that you want to finish school and you both should strive to do so. As the boyfriend, your role is to listen to her, encourage her, and support her along the way. Talking with school guidance counselors and making a plan for graduation will help you meet your goal. But before any of that, you should make sure your girlfriend is expecting. If she visits her doctor and finds out that she is not expecting, I urge you to reevaluate your relationship and the need for sex at this stage. While sex is a wonderful thing, it can tend to distract and potentially disrupt your path to your goals. You both have the rest of your life to enjoy a physical relationship, putting it on hold until after you meet your goals could be very beneficial.

  9. Hi , im 16 currently a junior. Im enrolled in highschool at the moment and im currently 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and im considering online schooling. My 1st and 2nd term grades arent the prettiest ive been slacking and i usually am an all A student. I do want to graduate on time is there any way i can still do that or do i have to repeat the 11th grade?

    • Bright Alternatives |

      The first thing we would encourage you to do is sit down with your guidance counselor and discuss your current credits and what you need to graduate on time. Every school district is different, but there are people who are for you and will help you meet your goals. Many young woman successfully carry to term and still graduate on time.
      A couple things you might want to ask yourself are
      1. Why did my grades drop recently?
      2. What changes can I make to bring my grades back up?
      3. What are my future goals and how will I get there?
      Take care of your health. Make sure you seek prenatal care and follow your doctor orders. Eat well and avoid harmful activities.
      Talk with your parents or guardian and make a plan for your education that best meets your needs. Getting plugged in with a PRC also gives you an extra group of people who are for you and your success and you can also get valuable information and material help. Best wishes to you as you take the next steps in your education and take care of yourself during this pregnancy.

      • Its currently the end of the year now and so far im failing junior year , would i get held back or should i do online schooling?

  10. I don’t know if I’m pregnant. I had unprotected sex 6 days before my period. As time passed (which was around 4 days) I went to the doctors to get my Nexplanon which is birth control two days before my period. They also pregnancy tested me and it came out negative, which is why they proceeded to insert the birth control. I missed my period, and I have a lot of body pain and fatigue. I don’t know what do do. I’m a junior in high school and now I just feel like I messed up my life help? Was the pregnancy test accurate 2 days before my period? Why do I have these symptoms. Am I pregnant?

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Women may notice a change in their period when they switch or have new birth control put in place. It is always important to research your options and learn how each method works. You can get a free pregnancy test at your local PRC and appropriate counsel and referrals. It is also important to talk to your health care professional about your symptoms to ensure that you are healthy. The only 100% effective method of birth control and prevention of STD/STIs is to abstain from sexual activity until you are in a committed monogamous relationship. It may not seem like a desirable option but abstinence can relieve some of the stress that comes along with sexual activity such as STD/STD and pregnancy risk.

  11. Im a junior in highschool, soon to be 18, going into the 3rd quarter. My boyfriend and I have been talking about starting a family together. How would it be being pregnant in high school? because I would still like to attend my regular classes with little leave as possible so I can Graduate on time

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Finish school. You have your whole future to plan a family. A few things you should consider before actively trying to get pregnant would be housing, income, and commitment. These are all questions women facing unplanned pregnancies find themselves asking in a moment of shock and stress. If you are not already pregnant you can save yourself that stress by waiting to get pregnant. Continue to dream about your future and share your goals with each other and then make plans to reach those goals together. If your ultimate goal is to have a family together then step 1 is to finish school, step 2 get jobs and make a budget, step 3 start a life together-marriage, home, family!

  12. also im currently 5 months pregnant

  13. Hi, I’m anabelem and I am 16 yrs. old and might be pregnant. We are trying to get it confirmed but I have only been dating my boyfriend for 5 months. My boyfriend is very mature and knows that he needs to support me no matter what. But, I always had a dream of going to the Air Force. I want to know if I can still finish high school by home schooling or anything because I don’t want to miss anything in school that won’t let me get to where my goals are. Also I want him to keep going to school but if I am pregnant he would want to get a job. And it’s difficult to have a job and go to school at the same time. Would it be easier if he did home schooling?

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Balancing school, work, and family can be challenging but it is not impossible or unheard of. Talk with your parents and school couselors to see what you feel will work best for you. Traditional schooling isn’t always the best option but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the high school experience either. Let your counselor and parents know what you want and together you can make a plan that works for you. Don’t give up on your dreams, they are still attainable. With personal drive and support you can reach your goals.

      • Hey. I’m 18 and a junior in highschool. I am pregnant and I am due May 02, 2018. My guidance counselor said I could graduate the end of this May if I passed my Act test and became college ready. I really want to do that but, it’s so hard for me. I’ve missed a ton of school, I’ve been sick a lot, and it’s so hard getting up because I feel like my body is always tired. I’ve grown to hate school. I get depressed while being at school or even thinking about being there. I get annoyed and I don’t talk to anyone or if someone tries to speak to me I simply tell them to leave me alone. I don’t like being around a lot of people. School has been stressful and I just simply hate going. This whole pregnancy thing has been stressful. I sit and worry about truancy because I know I’ll be missing a lot more school before the end of the year. I’ve always been a straight A student, I still currently am but I can’t say it hasn’t been hard for me. I’ve had to bring my grades up with loads of missing work to get my grades up. I need advice and lots of it.

        • Bright Alternatives |

          First off, congratulations on your exceptional grades and personal drive. We have seen girls just like you come through our office and go on to achieve their goals. Pregnancy does take a lot of you and maintaining your health through sensible eating and rest is important. Looking at a cyber school set up or home tutors may be beneficial for you. Our hormones change so much during pregnancy too which can cause increased irritability and depression. It is important to talk with your doctors and counselors about your feelings. Being pregnant in school can add to that stress and those negative feelings. Remember, none of those people who may be making you feel bad are walking your course, they have no say in who you are. Surround yourself with supportive people who know you and believe in you and leave the rest behind. Talk with your support people and see if there is an at home option that meets your needs. You can do it!

  14. Heyy, I’m pregnant and a junior in high school and i don’t know if i can continue. i am really scared and upset i don’t know anything i need help i don’t know what to do.

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Unplanned pregnancy is a scary thing. You can continue in school and with the support of school counselors and your parents, find a plan to graduate that works best for you. You can find your local Pregnancy Resource Center here https://optionline.org/center-locator/ for additional support and encouragement.

  15. Hi, I’m 16 and I just found out I’m pregnant. I’m 5 weeks along and it’s the middle of the school year, Christmas break. I told my parents right after Christmas and I have been kicked out. Me and my fiancé, who is graduated, moved back in with his parents, which they do not have much, we will struggle so much because I do not have my parents help. My fiancé has a job but doesn’t make much, I’ll be getting a part time jobs soon. I’m concerned with my schooling and the process of being pregnant, I don’t know how we’re going to juggle jobs, school, and a baby at the same time. I want to know if I can graduate my junior year and will I receive some special benefits for college, I have a dream of being an anesthesiologist and living in a nice place, I’m hoping my plans aren’t delayed because of this. I’ll be getting WIC, Medicaid, and food stamps, is there anything else I can apply for to help us more with the baby, finding a place of our own, and both of us going to college. Also can I sign myself up next school year if I am unable to graduate this year? Eventually I’ll be off my mom’s insurance and she will stop payments on my truck. I will be disowned as a minor and no one to legally help me. I don’t know what to do with everything

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Don’t give up on your dreams! Schooling options, grants, and special programs vary by state and school district. There are so many options for online degrees as well, your future goals are attainable.

      Right now first thing’s first, you need to get established with a doctor and take care of yourself. The programs you are already plugged into are great resources to help meet your needs during a trying time. You should also look into finding a local Pregnancy Resource Center to offer you support and friendship through this time. Many Centers have incentive programs to help with material items.

      Give your parents time. You have a lot to process emotionally right now and are probably feeling hurt by their reaction. Don’t lose hope though, often times parents process their emotions and come around to support their children. We hope this is the case for you as well.

      If housing does become an issue most areas have section 8 or subsidised housing which is a place to start when you are just getting on your feet.

      Talk with your school guidance counselor to find out more about what is available in your area. The WIC and assistance office could also provide information about local resources. You can find your local Pregnancy Resource Center here : https://optionline.org/center-locator/

  16. am 24 years of old and have just completed my college studies. however my girlfriend has confirmed being pregnant in her second year doing a course for 3yreas. I don’t want to terminate the pregnancy but am scared about our fate since I have not yet got the job and she also fear her parents and that might affect her degree.. some advice from the councillor..

    • Bright Alternatives |

      An unplanned pregnancy does present a lot of questions and concerns. All of your concerns are valid. An important thing to remember is that detours don’t take you away from your destination, they just get you there another way. With your support and help with your child, your girlfriend can complete her studies and together you can both accomplish your goals. It will take some creative problem-solving at times and late nights of work so your schedules complement each other but you can succeed. This season will not last forever and someday you will be able to look back with pride at what you have accomplished through the trials.

      There are programs in most towns that support new parents with education resources in parenting and material help, these ease the financial struggles. Some daycares even work on a sliding scale when it comes to their fees. Of course, you want to make sure you thoroughly research the childcare facility before entrusting them with your child. Explore your options and don’t be afraid to ask for help and referrals to support resources while you both work to gain education and employment.


  17. Hi I’m 19 years my due date is next month but I’m
    Attending my school and our school year just started
    Can I still go to school after giving birth? How
    Many weeks before my due date I need to rest
    From school? And how many weeks I need to
    Spend before going back to school after Giving

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Our response is a little late for the beginning of the school year so we hope, together with your teachers, counselors, and support people, that you have made a plan to continue your education. There are so many options available and graduating is very do-able!

  18. What if i want to have my classes at home being pregnet is it my choice ?

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Working with your parents, teachers, and counselors to create a plan that works to help you continue your schooling is always best. With open dialog and mutual respect, you should be able to come to a decision that works best for your unique needs.

  19. I’m 16 and I’m 26 weeks pregnant. CPS is trying to make me go back to school. I was just wondering if I would have to stop going when I get close to my due date?

    • Bright Alternatives |

      Your level of activity is best decided and monitored by your doctor. Many women work, attend school, and stay active right up until their due dates. Keeping up your studies is very important and so is avoiding truancy issues. Talk with your counselors, teachers, guardians, and doctor to come up with a plan that works best for you.

  20. It’s great to know that we can talk to the administrators for special changes for a teen who got pregnant while at school. With that in mind, I will be telling my best friend about this so that she will still be able to go to school. It is actually for her daughter who has a boyfriend at such a young age. She could also have a counselor to her daughter to cope with this.

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